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I hope you like the Innovative CFD web site. Keeping a side project like this site functioning takes a lot of work. I enjoy it, but I also hope that people find it useful. So, if you have found something good here, and you want to keep me motivated to continue, here are some ways to help:

  • One of the easiest ways to support Innovative CFD is to let me know what you like, what you don't like, and what you'd like to see added.
  • If you have a related blog or web site, add a link to the Innovative CFD site
  • Let your friends and co-workers who might be interested in CFD know about the site
  • And for everyone who ever said they'd buy me a drink if we ever met up in you don't have to wait :)

    Of course, if you need some help with a CFD-related project, and you want to bring in some expert help, I'd love to hear about it. I'm sure my boss would love it if this site started generating revenue.

    When you're ready, you can head back to the Innovative CFD home page and browse some of the other topics.

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