Don't Get Burned by Compiler Errors

Compiler errors are not something most people think about when using software. After all, if it runs and gives you an answer, why worry? Well, that may be okay if we're talking about a word processor or some other piece of office software, but with CFD it's a bit different. Production CFD solvers have tens or hundreds of thousands of lines of code all crunching on a set of nonlinear equations. Because of this, the slightest numerical "twitch" can throw off your answer in unexpected ways (which can be highly case-dependent).

I'm doing code development of one sort or another virtually every day. As a result, I've had a lot of opportunities to wrestle with many different compilers running on different operating systems and diverse computer hardware. While not every version of every compiler causes trouble for a given code, I have yet to work with any of them for any length of time without eventually encountering some sort of problem with one version or another.

In most of these cases, there are work-arounds which get things going again, and like every conscientious developer, I always try to test the code to insure it's working before I ship it out to users, but every once in a while, something slips through the cracks, as in this case study . So, if you want to do what you can to avoid this problem, check out these techniques for avoiding compiler errors .

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