The Innovative CFD FAQ: Work-Related Questions

I get a lot of questions about working in the CFD field. And a few from people who are looking to hire a CFD consultant (always nice to get those). This section of the Innovative CFD FAQ addresses some of the questions of this sort that I have received:

We are looking to work with a CFD consultant on [a problem of interest]. Would you be interested in working with us?

I would be very interested in at least discussing the possibility. Contact me via the consulting inquiry page to make sure that the e-mail gets to the top of the queue, and I will respond ASAP.

Who hires CFD engineers?

Computational fluid dynamics is being used in a wide variety of industries. Aerospace, obviously, makes heavy use of it, but the automotive industry does too. That includes more than just manufacturers of automobiles; I have heard accounts, for example, of amazing work done for various Formula 1 teams. The petrochemical and semi-conductor industries also make use of variants of CFD. Manufacturers of injection molded parts have also been known to use this technology. Architectural firms use CFD to predict the behavior of their designs in various weather conditions or to help design HVAC systems. So, as you can see CFD has made its way into all sorts of businesses. These firms don't necessary call the positions that use CFD “CFD engineers”, but if you are interested in a career in computational fluid dynamics, there are many places out there where you can work. Check out my other thoughts on the CFD career page.

Can you help me get a job in CFD?

In general, I can't do much more than act as a cheerleader in your job-hunting efforts. My company is very small, so we don't hire new employees very often. We have, however, posted available positions on the site in the past. If we have an opening, it will be found on the What's New page. My other recommendations for finding a job are on the CFD career page. Good luck!

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