Innovative Applications of CFD

Today, innovative CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) approaches are helping to solve problems ranging from landing probes on Mars to maximizing the effectiveness of aerosol drug delivery systems.  Everything from hurricanes to Bunsen burners can now be modeled on a computer.

Using my own company as an example, as I write this, I am running one simulation to model the noise from a wind turbine, another two are looking at the noise from supersonic heated jets, and a further two involve acoustics and flow control around landing gear. Waiting in the wings is a wind tunnel-related simulation involving finite rate chemistry. And we're just a small R&D operation; CFD has become an integral part of all manner of applications, whether as a stand-alone application or part of a larger multi-disciplinary problem-solving capability.

So, everyone should just run out, grab a code off the shelf, and run simulations happily ever after, right?  

Well, not quite...While it can be applied to almost any situation involving fluid motion, there is still no one-size-fits-all solution.  And there are some applications for which numerical methods remain inadequate.  Even where appropriate, it is often easy to get a wrong answer that looks reasonable.  

The real question remains:  Is it right for YOU?

This site is a distillation of more than twenty years experience with computational fluid dynamics.  Its aim is to help you decide if numerical flow modeling can help solve your particular engineering problems.  Or, if you are already using a flow solver, the tips and tricks on this site can help you get better results from it.

So, to see if there's an innovative CFD solution for you, read on...

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Verification and validation techniques are used to ensure that your results are as accurate as possible. Here are some tips to help you gain some confidence in your code's accuracy.
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In years of performing CFD analysis, you pick up a few techniques along the way. Here is an assortment of various tips to help you be more successful in your use of CFD.
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Working with a CFD consulting company makes a lot of sense in the right circumstances. This page discusses how the process can work and what to look for when evaluating this possibility.
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